Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brigette - Stereolab

When Garance Dore blogged about one of her favourite illustrators, I knew it all looked very familiar. Then I remembered. Summer 2001 visiting my sister in Bournemouth, England where she resided for six months or so. I was dumbstruck by all the amazing illustration in the UK on notebooks and note cards, wherever you looked. Everything was so visually stimulating, I went a bit nuts. I left with three different types of stationary. Among them, a set of David Downton blank cards, which I lovingly referred to as my "pretty lady" cards. If you were lucky enough to be the receiver of one of those cards (from me), you must have done something wonderful.

(Illustration: David Downton )


Giovanna said...

Beautiful illustrations! Love this post :)
Thanks for visiting my blog
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Cheryl Lynn said...

These illustrations are beautiful and very inspiring for someone like me who wants to expand into fashion illustration.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours, it's very unique and informative.

Have a great day.