Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size

Small enough to fit in my tiniest purse, big enough to stuff groceries in, stylish enough to go from ballet to drinks with the ladies, these bags from Flip and Tumble are pretty much perfect for me. I am fairly consistent in forgetting my reusable grocery bags and often feel quite guilty about it. It's either paper or bundle my groceries in my arm and scramble to my car. I have a tendency to never forget things which are stylish and pretty (I know, how vain) and I like a couple of these colours (though I prefer the grey handle to the light blue). Another thing to add to my list of Things-Which-I'll-Buy-When-I-Am-Domestically-Settled.

(Photos: Flip and Tumble )

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Anonymous said...

Those bags are really cool! :)