Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue

I dedicate this photo to Sister Wolf . Not quite the hand to face photo you were expecting? All jokes aside, that photo illustrates how unbelievably exhausted I am from this week. The girls that I dance with often comment (occasionally suspiciously) on the fact that I always get out of rehearsal/class and slip into a dress. It's usually a "why do you insist on getting all dolled up" sort of voice. Well, I'm sweating like a pig (so that cancels out a fair amount of the comely touches). But, after wearing sweaty tights and a clingy, damp leotard for six hours straight, I just would prefer that NOTHING touches my body for the remainder of the afternoon. Floaty dresses are as close as I can get to strutting down the street in my birthday suit. I could not gather the strength to lift my arms and remove the flowered hair piece which is a part of my costume from my hair. I think it went quite nice with the ensemble.

Dress - homemade (first patternless dress I made which didn't fall apart immediately)
Shoes - thrift Target )
Bag - Marimekko


superumi said...

thanks for dropping the birthday wish =)

i love that homemade dress. you got great talent =)

btw, care to exchange links?

Annie Spandex said...

Oh wow! You did a great job on the dress! I love that bright blue on the Marimekko(<3).

ambika said...

I adore the dress--it's perfectly summer and I get what you mean about the heat.