Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinah - Django Reinhardt

(Bulga, by way of Bluefly )

A friend of mine has tasked me with the helping her find an appropriate bag for grad school in 2010. While we still have plenty of time, if she keeps an eye out now . . . she may be able to get a good deal. It's very important that the bag be attractive but not too precious as it's got to be able to handle the weight of her books and whatever else comes along her way.

The Hope Major (from La Garconne) is adequately priced and has a utilitarian, nondescript look to it which I love.

The Mulberry Classic (from La Garconne) , is highly out of budget. But if it weren't pricey, I suppose it wouldn't be a classic, now would it?

And since we're on the topic of unaffordable, might as well take a moment to throw in this well oiled looking Mui Mui from Bluefly . It's big enough to fit everything but it also looks like it may be heavy enough to give you back problems for the rest of your life.

The Jas MB Medium tie (from Totokaelo) also seems a tad pricey but it has the looks of a classic in the making. Plus there's something really sturdy about this bag, which I love.

Sliding back down the price scale, the the (large) Billy bag by Jerome Dreyfuss has a beautiful butter colour to it but it be difficult to keep clean. (Especially since M. will be in NYC).

While I realize that this Jas MB Rucksack has that way of shouting "GRAD STUDENT" from the rooftops I do think that this too would last you forever and transition nicely from student to professor or Dr. M? Yes, yes?

For those of us on a strict budget (aren't we all), Brooklyn Industries offers a wide range of very suitable bags. I think the Prospect Portfolio is pretty luxe looking for it's price tag ($68).

And for those on the I-am-kinda-broke budget (the budget I should be on as my checking account scrapes the bottom of the barrel), the Solid H bag (from Brooklyn Industries) is on super sale and super cute. I've had my eye on this one for quite a while, though I simply can't justify any bag purchases right now.

So here's my round up. Did I miss anything really great bags anyones?

(Photos: La Garconne , Totokaelo , Brooklyn Industries , Bluefly and Shopbop ).

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Monica said...

You rock!! Thanks for this awesome post! These are all great! I am ABSOLUTLEY in LOVE with the Jas MB by Totokaelo (it comes in black!! woo!)--- and the price is good-- aspirational, but not vulgar.
I also like the Brooklyn Industries Portfolio one, what a fantastic price and its such a nice bag... Hmmm... Can I justify 2?