Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La Primavera - Manu Chao

And now a little something for the gentlemen.

I can't believe the guy that has made this beautiful collection, Umit Benan isn't even thirty yet. People like that put me to utter shame. He has designed for Marc Jacobs, Motu Tane by François Nars and Sophie Théallet. Calm down young man, and stop making the rest of us feel so lazy.

Not quite positive how I feel about the zoot suit pant look, in the current collection (inspired by Cuba). But I think with time, I could get used to it. That's me with every trend I suppose. The man jumpsuit might take a little more time, but even that, I'll come around to one day.

Matt Jackson, you + green suit = Love

(Photos: Dazed Digital )

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