Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Letter From Home (Spoken Word) - DJ Shadow

It's no big secret that the art of letter writing is lost on our generation. Who needs a letter when you have twitter and facebook? Well, I refuse to let such a beautiful thing die a quiet death, so I've decided I'm going to start writing one letter a week until I've wrote every person I can possibly write. I started with a dear friend who is going through a rough patch in his seemingly rosy life. This particular friend is always good to me and kind.

Why Letters Are Better Than Email:

1. The receiver feels a sense of caring that is irreplaceable.
2. No one prints emails (except me), people save letters.
3. You can spray a letter with parfum (more seductive than a flirtatious email).

Guidelines For Writing A Good Letter:

1. Write while listening to NPR, it's inspiring and you'll feel like you're multi-tasking.
2. Think about what you want to say while you're stuck in traffic (or waiting in line).
3. Write about a great day you recently had. Who was there? Why was it great? What did the sky look like?
4. Write about someone you admire. If it's a crush, all the better. People love hearing secrets and if they live far away, you needn't worry about your secret getting out.
5. Keep it positive (if you can). No one likes a letter full of moping.
6. Don't write expecting a letter in return, you rarely get one. But that doesn't mean the receiver doesn't appreciate the gesture.

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jessica said...

i love no. 1 about listening to NPR. it's the only thing i can stand to listen to while sitting in traffic. maybe it's because music makes me want to move?


Jem said...

i love your guide to letter writing, i totally agree that its a dying art! you have inspired me to send a letter to a dear friend who is starting soon, we used to be pen pals, i want to start it up again!

etoilee8 said...

Jessica the absolute worse is when you're sitting in traffic and you have to pee. Nothing, not NPR, not classical makes me calm down. But usually NPR does the trick.

Jem, thank you! I wrote a letter to a boy I liked. I think it cheered him up but failed to win me a boyfriend. I hope you've sent that letter to your friend!