Thursday, July 30, 2009

Never Misses A Beat - Kaiser Chiefs

Karl's living space is as cramped as mine!
Karl tells dirty jokes!
Karl uses wite out on his drawings!
Karl can be fairly self deprecating!
There's a sign in a bathroom at Chanel which states, "Pissing everywhere isn't very Chanel".

Ever since I restarted my netflix, I am catching up on my documentaries (particularly in fashion and art). Nothing brings me more joy than curling up and watching someone creative, do their thing. If you've ever thought "I hate Karl Lagerfeld", you may just want to watch this film. He's quick, he's witty, he never misses a beat. Though he does a tendency to open his mouth and cram his foot inside (he can be quite unforgiving in regards to others), I get the feeling a lot of what he says is taken out of context. He makes fun of everyone pretty equally. Including himself.

(Photos: The Fashion Spot )

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FashAddict said...

Pissing Everywhere isn't very Chanel... oh that's just brilliant!