Thursday, July 2, 2009

Running Out - The Magic Numbers

Look Peas, calculator watches!! (This sentence will be followed by shrieks of absolute joy).

Peas once had an old fashion eighties chrome watch with an animated dancing man. The only downside, she could never manage to turn off the alarm and it was set to a very early hour. I keep threatening to find her a new nerd watch and I think we have a winnah.

(Photo: Lazy Oaf)


Peas said...

I still have my Casio, but it might be time for a new one. Does this one have the option of programming phone numbers? Mine has room for 20 numbers, but I only have like 3 friends, so there are still 17 spots open. Anyone?

Annie Spandex said...

It's awesome! I'm curious about the dancing man watch though ;)

Lavender said...

That watch is too awesome. I love it.