Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Simple Story - Feist feat. Jane Birkin

Last night if you had spied on me in my chamber, you would have found me stretched out on my bed, chatting idly, casually and happily with a wedding coordinator from J. Crew . You might have considered that we were old friends had you eavesdropped on the conversation. They just happen to be that excellent at their jobs, those J. Crew wedding coordinators. They manage to suspiciously put you at complete and utter ease at thought of dropping a lot of moolah on a simple dress. But it will a pretty dress and I'll "be able to wear it again", says the bride (my sister).

I have a feeling, when I am not standing at the alter nodding encouragingly to the bride and groom, my other task could include serving as a second photographer (ever the multi-tasker, I am). Thus, I have been gathering ideas from Cup of Jo , who always has phenomenal wedding photos on her blog.

The Simple Story - Feist

(Photo: Our Labor of Love )


amanda lee said...

What a great dress. I love that color!

etoilee8 said...

My dress is actually black Amanda. I got it in the mail today though and I'm pleased to say it really is very nice indeed :)

etoilee8 said...

Also, my sister picked the black because it was the most practical colour so that means I'll be wearing this dress until I am really good and very sick of it.