Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sugar Hiccup - Cocteau Twins

Swede enough for you?

It's very easy to look at these three and think "yes, they're pretty". But to me Peas and her sisters remind me of a pack of C. Howard's Violet mints. Crisp. Distinctive. Sweet and refreshing.

(Photo: I realized I paid $2.50 for three individual packs when the The Candyland Store sells a 24 count pack for $11.99. Raise your hand if you got ripped off today . . . hand in air . . . ).


Peas said...

jessica said...

i haven't had c. howard since i was a kid! they used to sell it at the ice house down the road. where can you get it these days?

and i do love the black/white striped top she's wearing in the bottom.


vina said...

Those Swedes. So coolly stylish.