Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summerhead - The Cocteau Twins

When summertime comes and it finally sets in that Dad is not whisking us away for a surprise holiday in France, I tend to do the next best thing:

Buy products which remind me of summer in France! If you sat on the beach with me in Agde, you had to have at least one Body Shop product which you swore by. A tote bag which you carried to the beach, bearing the Body Shop emblem would also suffice. We resembled that of a sun burnt cult, furiously slathering on different creams as experimentation and skin resuscitation (despite having worn sunblock all summer long). Aisha always stocked up on anything which wasn't available in the US, at Terminal 4 of Heathrow on our way home. But I never really found that particular product which captured my fancy, until now. Spreads more like whipped frosting than butter. And believe me, I know the difference between the two when it comes to smearing tasty foods on a surface. Smells absolutely delicious while remaining light as a cloud.

Summerhead - Cocteau Twins

I could only find a tiny sample of this song. But it always reminds me of summer and English countryside.

(Photo: Body Shop )


yiqin; said...

I def need to try more body shop products.

Peas said...

I use to love body shop and I still use their make up and face lotions, but had given up on the body butters. Thought they smelled to much like something I want to eat. Mango, papaya, almonds and coco and such. But I went and smelled this one when you told me about it and I love it. So floral and fresh without being too sweet. You are the master of finding good lotions.