Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tamacun - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

It is the last day I can wear these espadrilles. I bought them thrifted (they were brand new). I thought "of course I'll fit an 11. . . no problem". One year later, the ankle ribbons have parted ways with the shoe and without them, I have nearly wiped out no less than ten times. At that height (five inches) you don't mess around with sizing, unless you want to snap your ankle in two. So if you wear a size 11 and you would like these shoes, email me. Just pay the shipping and they're yours. The ribbons could be easily re-attached, I've just been lazy because they don't fit me.

In other news today, I took my neighbor's dog for a walk and fed one neighbor's cat. The thrilling life of the nearly unemployed.

Shirt - Marimekko
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - thrift
Bag - Permanent Vacation


Annie Spandex said...

Marimekko <3<3<3

A few summers ago I was obsessed with espadrilles.. Such classics.

yiqin; said...

So chic!!! I love the stripes.

jessica said...

You know this exact thing happened to me. I bought an amazing pair of espadrilles a couple of years ago but they were size 10 though I had myself convinced that I would wear them. I think I wore them out once or twice before they ended up with a friend.

Such a sad story for the espadrille.

Sasi said...

Like the irony in what you write. Sorry about your shoes, though.
Love your outfit, I've got a thing for striped tees:)

Thanks a lot for your comment! I guess we both love music:P

Miranda said...

those shoes are so cute
sorry they don't fit :(
love your outfit