Monday, August 31, 2009

Sheila Take A Bow - The Smiths

It would seem every year of my adulthood, an integral part of teenagerdom vanishes into thin air. Poof, why did I like that stuff again? Where I once pined for a look from Delia's now I can't even peruse their website, because it suddenly all became juvenile and clunky (and that's a good thing, young girls need to dress like young girls). But Topshop hasn't failed me yet. While the majority of the lookbook doesn't appeal to me, I could do for a little Highland Fling, preferably with that hunka hunka man featured below. He'd whisper sweet nothings in my ears and I'd smile, laugh and think "I can't understand a damn word you just said". And then we'd have a beer. It'd be perfect. Amour.

The clothes are nice too, though not sure how I feel about the hooka boots.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dreams by The Sea - John Martyn

Darling dear sister, I realize your wedding will have a whole barefoot-on-the-beach theme but as it grows nearer to your happy day, it comes more and more to my attention that your bridesmaids are literally going to be just that . . . barefoot (or completely mismatch). So pick something out quick. Here's some suggestions.
I'm not sure how I feel about the rhinestones here, but without them these Anne Klein shoes, would be quite perfect. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with them. Nah, I actually pretty much hate them. But it's your wedding, not mine.

But the Fluffy I like. Look at that ornate little twist. The heel might get stuck in the sand though.

I think the Druschel from Aldo might be exactly what we're going for. It's a wedge, it's tall but sturdy and it laces up the leg (it's also on sale for $50). Perhaps it's a bit too casual?

I also think this Naturalizer sandal would look elegant with our black dresses. It's not edgy but it is classic and could be worn countless times again. Naturalizer always struck me as an old lady brand, but if it's comfortable enough to dance all night and get really drunk while wearing it, I am completely game.

Any thoughts ladies, or suggestions?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant - Ninjasonik

After this summer it would seem, not "somebody" but everybody apparently gonna get pregnant. (At least according to my facebook account). Allow this video to serve as a reminder to those of us that aren't quite ready to be childbearing to wrap it up.

Today I visited a close friend who had a little boy on Friday. While I know pregnancy didn't always suit her (there are some women who treasure every second of it . . . what freaks), it made me immensely happy to see how in love she is with her little man. I even got a little smiley too. He's so small and quiet. Did this twentysomething mild disliker of children bring:

A. Cooing and words of joy.
B. Toys for the babe (who already has too many to fit in his nursury)
C. A nice bottle of champagne.

If you guessed "C" you know me well and will be welcomed into my post delivery hospital room with open arms.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well Done You - The Chap

Congratulations to Dazed and Confused editor Tim Noakes who just got married. It must have made him incredibly happy because he's gifted us with this amazing playlist for August. I've listened to "F Kenya RIP" by Highlife about twelve times now, it may be my new favourite song. Thank me later. Thank Tim now (leave a comment and congratulate him).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Always - Lovetronic

I'm happy to have a wardrobe which finally pleases me to the point where I can roll out of bed, yank things off the hangers and be both presentable and pleased with the outcome (it saves those precious sleeping minutes I treasure in the morning). This outfit garnered compliments in the office, which I find funny because both pieces were under $20 from H&M (the jacket is missing a button and the dress had a small tear which I repaired).

My rules for wearing heels to work are simple: wear them as little as possible. Keep a pair of flats within arms reach at all times. If your feet aren't in sight, take them off and exhale. The heels went over a treat ($20, Nine West). I don't think they're particularly unique in design but the colour makes them fantastic. Bold colours allow you to slack off and go monochromatic in your outfit. I try to keep the patterns to a minimum if I'm wearing something really bright. Why would you want to crowd this orange with anything besides black?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Point - Cornelius

Happy Monday everyone (in fifteen minutes). I can't believe the weekend's over already. Back to battling traffic and pushing for productivity. How about some Cornelius to get the week started right? Cornelius turns ordinary harmonies into symphonies of electronic beeps. Don't be overwhelmed by the images. It's just life fast forwarded.

Which I guess means we should probably slow down.

Plastic (feat. Diverse) - Prefuse 73

Like many a wee fashion lover, I went through phases with crafts. One week it was beads. The next week it was potholders made out of fabric bands. Occasionally friendship bracelets would climb to the highest peak of popularity (then I became a wallflower and had no friends at all, so no need for those). But never do I forget the friendly plastic time period. Many horrid brooches and earrings came from that phase. And my godmother lovingly wore every present bestowed upon her as if it had been purchased from Tiffany's. Bless her.

When I looked at these shoes by Je Suis Belle, the first thing I thought was "I wonder if I could make those out of friendly plastic and bake them in my oven". No joke.

(Photo: Professionally Trendy )

Promise Less or Do More - The Whitest Boy Alive

I purchased this APC dress last week by way of Creatures of Comfort . I somehow knew it was the last one as it disappeared from the site immediately after I purchased it. It was extremely discounted ($50), quite possibly a late in the season return.
My review?
Transitional. Multi-seasonal. Not overrated in the least. Looks good with red shoes.

(Photo: Bird )

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lady Garden - TM Juke

This is about as business attire-y as I get. My hat got several nods of approval and a couple of "you-crazy-kids", smirks. But I'm not sure if one was a hat smirk or a smirk in regards to my shamelessly stuffing a McDonald's breakfast sandwich in my mouth in the elevator this morning. He looked impressed by the sheer power of my attack mode.

In regards to career dressing, my father once said to me, exasperated, "It's a JOB interview, not a garden party". Au contraire, Papa. Life is always a garden party with me.

Hat - Uniqlo
Dress - Rami Kashou
Sweater - APC
Shoes - Sam Edelman

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Ho - The Dwarfs

Somebody got a part time job. And she's trying her damnest to be cheerful!

Blouse - Stella McCartney (bought on discount with a make up smear on the collar).
Trousers - UO , whoever thought I'd wear pleated Mom pants happily?
Shoes - Nine West

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lady Stardust - Seu Jorge (by David Bowie)

The perfect summer dress must be:

Striking enough to wear to a posh dinner, yet demure enough for a sunday brunch.
Structured to allow me the luxury of looking "pulled together", yet fluid enough so I may race a small child through the damp grass at a picnic.
And most of all, it must be light, airy but constantly in motion, even when I try to stand very still.

Say what you will about the Millers but you can't say that Twenty8Twelve is hyped.

Who makes your favourite summer dress and why do you love it?

Sleep Alone - Bat For Lashes

"They say for every high high,
there must be a low"

Earlier in the week I was feeling the low.
Every summer when I notice the sun starting to set a little earlier each night, my heart sinks into my chest. The summer was a strange one. One of rain, no pool swimming, no real plans and no exotic vacation (but this naggy, angsty feeling that I should be doing more with all my free time). Constant job applying, odd job doing and ballet dancing. Now I have a part time job which will speed up summer's end and slowly but steadily we'll lull into autumn. I am a creature of habit and certain music is so comforting to me during certain times of year. Bat for Lashes reminds me of Clannad, which I loved when I was an odd little girl.

Natasha Khan takes the prettiest pictures.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just One of Those Things - Sarah Vaughan

Every year around this time I begin to furiously repeating the mantra "you cannot buy a new coat, you cannot buy a new coat" in my head. This winter's theme for me is renew and reuse (old thrift boots get new soles, old coat get taken in in the shoulders and a shorter length). I'm so industrious and so proud of frugality. Then a little nugget of joy like this pops up on the Oak website and the justifying begins "your coat's lining is ripped, you just snagged a new part time gig . . . ".

Since I'm getting carried away, this hat by iLE AiYE, I've had my eye on too.

Sarah Vaughan's music always has an autumn feel to it . . . as much as I weep over the disappearance of summer, autumn always feels so right and perfect.
"Goodbye, goodbye dear and amen . . . here's hoping we meet now and then".

Just One Of Those Things - Sarah Vaughan

(Photo: Oak, Etsy and

Friday, August 14, 2009

Raisin' The Stakes - Groove Armada

Topshop seems to be the latest competitor to take on the American Apparel machine. Step lively, American Apparel. Friendly competition is good for the spirit!

I'm so boring as of late. All I want is a nicely fitted black tee which will go well with any bottom I wear.

Problem - Brazilian Girls

I had come home from ballet and was catching up on my blog reading when I came across these Longchamp bags on Fashionista . I'm such a sucker for a totebag but a line drawing too . . . well I was already number crunching in my head. After all I find myself carefully watching the Jeremy Scott Longchamp bags with the telephones print on eBay, but I can't bring myself to pay $300 for one when I know the seller acquired it for free as fashion week swag. But then I read some of the comments and my opinion was somewhat challenged. Apparently Longchamp is like the Coach of Paris (and I'd like to visit Paris soon). Sacre bleu. Coach is really not my bag baby (in the kean words of Austin Powers). To me it seems like a representation of people who appreciate labels, not necessarily design. The vintage bags from the 80's are fantastic (my mother use to carry a plain leather coach bag when I was little), but the ones splashed with logos of late hurt my eyes. Well all the better, I have a bag problem anyway.

(Photo: Fashionista )

Monday, August 10, 2009

El Pico - Ratatat

I think I may get one of these t-shirts. Such a cute design and I love that the end result came from a contest which was open to the general public. Design is for everyone!

(Photo: Karin Soderquist for Lazy Oaf ).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Won - The Sundays

Playing hooky from ballet is a maneuver that I rarely pull. I'm always left with sporadic feelings of guilt for the rest of the afternoon. But today seemed as good a day as any, as my funds are not exactly abundant and my big toe on my left foot feels achy and sprained. Never mind all that noise, it was Pub Trivia day! Yup, one of those "pubs" in Virginia which makes actual Irish people recoil in horror (similar to when I see "American Fried Chicken" in London)! Was it worth it? You bet it was. Coming in third my team boisterously claimed our hideous t-shirt prizes. I may have mentioned how much I enjoy winning things . . .

Sweater - Madewell (sale rack)
Blouse - Vivienne Westwood (London splurge from 2003)
Jean shorts - Salvation Army, CK mens (my favourite shorts of the summer)
Shoes - Office (purchased in 2005 and finally showing wear)
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack ($2)

Laughing - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

For something which I immediately hated based purely on principal that it is flashy and a bit grandiose, even I have to admit, Dad's new car is a nice ride. Driving over the Bay Bridge with the sun in my face, the wind in my hair and an iced coffee from Dunkin' Ds with my father is really all I need for a pleasant Saturday. Throw Crosby, Stills and Nash into the cd player, it becomes totally decadent. Such an enjoyable afternoon should be illegal.

At the crescendo of a certain song, I turn to Dad and remember that I forgot to tell him, "did you know, there's a movie coming out about . . . " as he's saying "there's a movie . . . ". We both stop talking a mere split second before I shout, "JINX".

Chuckling in disbelief, I smile because I'm so filled with such gaiety that I am my father's child. Two different sized coffee cups, poured from the same exact brew.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Into The Sun - Weekend Players

I won I WON.
While I try to ignore the Gilt emails, which arrive daily, I almost always give in and peak at the computer screen with my hands over my eyes. You see, sometimes Gilt makes me want to pull my hair out because on more than one occasion I have found something I already own at an even deeper discounted price than what I paid. (And I rarely buy things that aren't on super sale these days). The problem is, usually the item is sold out so even if I wanted to purchase it . . . too friggin' bad because signing on at 12:02pm qualifies as late to the party. So I generally feel like getting a great deal on there is a stroke of very good luck. But I still feel that "if only I signed on faster" regret. It's pretty stupid and pointless. But today when I took a peek at the Rag and Bone sale, I found my striped dress in another colour for quite a bit more what I paid on eBay for it months ago. Which means, I WON. (Finally).

This first shot is my tortured model impression. Tyra would tell me my face was too distorted and I need to smile with my eyes more or some ridiculous bullshit which makes modeling seem more challenging than physics.

Some Candy Talking - The Jesus and Mary Chain

While in Baltimore picking up the love of my domestic life, I got to catch up with an old but dear friend and duck into some of my favourite shops. An oldie but goodie which I always make sure to visit is Ma Petite Shoe. . . they sell (guess, just guess) . . . shoes. . . and chocolate! Could there be a finer mix of products? I think not. (Did I mention they have fantastic sales?)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taller Children - Elizabeth and The Catapult

The thing about recessions is that when everyone is feeling the sting, occasionally something which you never thought you could afford pops up on craigslist for an unbeatable price.

You toy with the idea.
You ask your friends what you should do.
You dip into your savings.
You drive to Baltimore.
You fall in love with it from first sight.
You drive home with a smile plastered on your face.
You realize you can't get it out of your car, because it's indeed stuck.
You drive around with it stuck in the backseat of your car for a day until your best friend comes over and helps you angle it out.

It sits in your living room where you look up and smile every time you see it. Your Dad sits in it comfortably (which is a big deal because he is six feet four inches). While rocking pensively he tells you it may be the best chair you've ever bought.


(Chair: The Bertoia Diamond chair by Knoll . . . the large version retails new for $1918, if you think I paid anywhere near that amount for it, you are reading the wrong blog :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Railing - Roni Size/Reprazent

I'm going to join the blogger stampede in praise for this collection. It is simply Rad (by Rad Hourani) . And priced between $100 and $400, I know what I'll be saving my pennies for this fall. My only question is red or black (or maybe white). Yes, something of different pace, fresh . . .

(Photos: Jak and Jil )

Oooh Yeah - Moby

Peas and I went to see 500 Days of Summer yesterday. While the film pulled at our heart strings and reminded us of every romantic endeavor which ended in a piss poor sort of way, there was no denying our mild crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt. I couldn't believe she had never caught whiff of these super sessy (like you're saying "sexy" really fast with a slight lisp) photos. So this ones for Peas, who once got told she looked like Claudia Schiffer.

(Photos: TFS , by way of GQ magazine)