Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Always - Lovetronic

I'm happy to have a wardrobe which finally pleases me to the point where I can roll out of bed, yank things off the hangers and be both presentable and pleased with the outcome (it saves those precious sleeping minutes I treasure in the morning). This outfit garnered compliments in the office, which I find funny because both pieces were under $20 from H&M (the jacket is missing a button and the dress had a small tear which I repaired).

My rules for wearing heels to work are simple: wear them as little as possible. Keep a pair of flats within arms reach at all times. If your feet aren't in sight, take them off and exhale. The heels went over a treat ($20, Nine West). I don't think they're particularly unique in design but the colour makes them fantastic. Bold colours allow you to slack off and go monochromatic in your outfit. I try to keep the patterns to a minimum if I'm wearing something really bright. Why would you want to crowd this orange with anything besides black?


lsaspacey said...

So cute, and those shoes are fab.

Peas said...

Love the brick back drop, and those sunglasses still look so great on you.

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes!!!