Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dreams by The Sea - John Martyn

Darling dear sister, I realize your wedding will have a whole barefoot-on-the-beach theme but as it grows nearer to your happy day, it comes more and more to my attention that your bridesmaids are literally going to be just that . . . barefoot (or completely mismatch). So pick something out quick. Here's some suggestions.
I'm not sure how I feel about the rhinestones here, but without them these Anne Klein shoes, would be quite perfect. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with them. Nah, I actually pretty much hate them. But it's your wedding, not mine.

But the Fluffy I like. Look at that ornate little twist. The heel might get stuck in the sand though.

I think the Druschel from Aldo might be exactly what we're going for. It's a wedge, it's tall but sturdy and it laces up the leg (it's also on sale for $50). Perhaps it's a bit too casual?

I also think this Naturalizer sandal would look elegant with our black dresses. It's not edgy but it is classic and could be worn countless times again. Naturalizer always struck me as an old lady brand, but if it's comfortable enough to dance all night and get really drunk while wearing it, I am completely game.

Any thoughts ladies, or suggestions?


K.Line said...

The Naturalizer one is shockingly chic - and you will be able to dance! I vote for it.

Lisa said...

I love love love the second shoe. mmm. makes my mouth water. but, unfortunately in the sandy setting, the wedges are more practical. you could just buy them all and rotate them throughout the day, ending with the neutralizer at the reception. :D