Friday, August 7, 2009

Into The Sun - Weekend Players

I won I WON.
While I try to ignore the Gilt emails, which arrive daily, I almost always give in and peak at the computer screen with my hands over my eyes. You see, sometimes Gilt makes me want to pull my hair out because on more than one occasion I have found something I already own at an even deeper discounted price than what I paid. (And I rarely buy things that aren't on super sale these days). The problem is, usually the item is sold out so even if I wanted to purchase it . . . too friggin' bad because signing on at 12:02pm qualifies as late to the party. So I generally feel like getting a great deal on there is a stroke of very good luck. But I still feel that "if only I signed on faster" regret. It's pretty stupid and pointless. But today when I took a peek at the Rag and Bone sale, I found my striped dress in another colour for quite a bit more what I paid on eBay for it months ago. Which means, I WON. (Finally).

This first shot is my tortured model impression. Tyra would tell me my face was too distorted and I need to smile with my eyes more or some ridiculous bullshit which makes modeling seem more challenging than physics.


Sister Wolf said...

ah, Gilt is just there to torment you. They won't even give you a refund! Online shopping with no refund?!

Joanne said...

lol! Such a cute dress! I love Rag and Bone! :)