Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just One of Those Things - Sarah Vaughan

Every year around this time I begin to furiously repeating the mantra "you cannot buy a new coat, you cannot buy a new coat" in my head. This winter's theme for me is renew and reuse (old thrift boots get new soles, old coat get taken in in the shoulders and a shorter length). I'm so industrious and so proud of frugality. Then a little nugget of joy like this pops up on the Oak website and the justifying begins "your coat's lining is ripped, you just snagged a new part time gig . . . ".

Since I'm getting carried away, this hat by iLE AiYE, I've had my eye on too.

Sarah Vaughan's music always has an autumn feel to it . . . as much as I weep over the disappearance of summer, autumn always feels so right and perfect.
"Goodbye, goodbye dear and amen . . . here's hoping we meet now and then".

Just One Of Those Things - Sarah Vaughan

(Photo: Oak, Etsy and


K.Line said...

Autumn does seem right and perfect! And Ms. Vaughn is fall all the way...

vina said...

So...would now be a bad time to show you this site?

because they have super cute coats for even better prices.

Anonymous said...

lol! Such a cute coat!! I really like the color of the hat! It looks so snug and warm! I really like the photo of Sarah Vaughan! I love that print dress and I'm always fascinated by old fashioned mikes! Great song and so fall! :)