Friday, August 14, 2009

Problem - Brazilian Girls

I had come home from ballet and was catching up on my blog reading when I came across these Longchamp bags on Fashionista . I'm such a sucker for a totebag but a line drawing too . . . well I was already number crunching in my head. After all I find myself carefully watching the Jeremy Scott Longchamp bags with the telephones print on eBay, but I can't bring myself to pay $300 for one when I know the seller acquired it for free as fashion week swag. But then I read some of the comments and my opinion was somewhat challenged. Apparently Longchamp is like the Coach of Paris (and I'd like to visit Paris soon). Sacre bleu. Coach is really not my bag baby (in the kean words of Austin Powers). To me it seems like a representation of people who appreciate labels, not necessarily design. The vintage bags from the 80's are fantastic (my mother use to carry a plain leather coach bag when I was little), but the ones splashed with logos of late hurt my eyes. Well all the better, I have a bag problem anyway.

(Photo: Fashionista )


ambika said...

Those line drawings of the kitten heads make me think of field guided--of course, Geoff only paints mugs & plates as of now but I'm wondering if they could expand to fabric.

Anonymous said...

I like the graphics on those totes! The telephone one sounds really cool! I've been seeing a lot of girls carrying those longchamps bags. I'm not really a doesn't seem like the most interesting bag to me. I agree with the coach bags. The labels all over the bag is just too much for me...:)

Anonymous said...

I really like those graphics! Those kitties are funny! I've been seeing those longchamps bags a lot lately. I'm not much of fan...they don't seem like the most interesting bag...I also agree with the coach bags too. The labels all over is just too much for me..:)