Monday, August 31, 2009

Sheila Take A Bow - The Smiths

It would seem every year of my adulthood, an integral part of teenagerdom vanishes into thin air. Poof, why did I like that stuff again? Where I once pined for a look from Delia's now I can't even peruse their website, because it suddenly all became juvenile and clunky (and that's a good thing, young girls need to dress like young girls). But Topshop hasn't failed me yet. While the majority of the lookbook doesn't appeal to me, I could do for a little Highland Fling, preferably with that hunka hunka man featured below. He'd whisper sweet nothings in my ears and I'd smile, laugh and think "I can't understand a damn word you just said". And then we'd have a beer. It'd be perfect. Amour.

The clothes are nice too, though not sure how I feel about the hooka boots.

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Eline said...

I strangely love those clunky boots. Especially the animal printed ones! I dunno, maybe I've just been conditioned into liked them though, hah.

Also omgyay @ that last photo.