Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleep Alone - Bat For Lashes

"They say for every high high,
there must be a low"

Earlier in the week I was feeling the low.
Every summer when I notice the sun starting to set a little earlier each night, my heart sinks into my chest. The summer was a strange one. One of rain, no pool swimming, no real plans and no exotic vacation (but this naggy, angsty feeling that I should be doing more with all my free time). Constant job applying, odd job doing and ballet dancing. Now I have a part time job which will speed up summer's end and slowly but steadily we'll lull into autumn. I am a creature of habit and certain music is so comforting to me during certain times of year. Bat for Lashes reminds me of Clannad, which I loved when I was an odd little girl.

Natasha Khan takes the prettiest pictures.


Anonymous said...

Cool video! Very dreamlike! I like the red jacket she was wearing and the installation in the bathroom and going inside and all those geometric shapes! The song is really cool too! Summers can be so strange for me too, especially when fall is coming around soo quick and I'm like, where did all the time go?? :)

Sophia said...

i love bat for lashes and one of my favourite songs, too.


Eline said...

Have you heard Kate Bush? People keep comparing BFL to her... I've only heard one song that comes even close to the amazing godess that is Kate Bush, but maybe you should check her out if you haven't yet. Looove Bat For Lashes too! Was so addicted a while back.

Okay, now stopping random comments.