Saturday, August 29, 2009

Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant - Ninjasonik

After this summer it would seem, not "somebody" but everybody apparently gonna get pregnant. (At least according to my facebook account). Allow this video to serve as a reminder to those of us that aren't quite ready to be childbearing to wrap it up.

Today I visited a close friend who had a little boy on Friday. While I know pregnancy didn't always suit her (there are some women who treasure every second of it . . . what freaks), it made me immensely happy to see how in love she is with her little man. I even got a little smiley too. He's so small and quiet. Did this twentysomething mild disliker of children bring:

A. Cooing and words of joy.
B. Toys for the babe (who already has too many to fit in his nursury)
C. A nice bottle of champagne.

If you guessed "C" you know me well and will be welcomed into my post delivery hospital room with open arms.


Lisa said...

you have no idea how many times in a given day I want to update my facebook status as, "we get it people. you're all having babies. what tipped me off? oh, I don't know, the bazillion sonogram pictures of a white blob that you all make your profile photo. that may have done it." :D but then i'd lose probably 50 friends that are pregnant, plus about another 100 that are mom's now. ugh.

anyway, here's a fun little link you'll like, relating to the topic at hand:



etoilee8 said...

I swear Lisa there's something in the water. Truthfully, for my 300 some fb friends, only about 50 of them are close to me. The rest, I find myself digging really deep to come up with something pleasant to say. Nothing pops someone's pregnancy bubble like "oh wow, I guess you won't be hanging out anymore" or "oh I'm sorry to hear that . . . I'll have a drink for you" :)