Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghostbusters Theme - Ray Parker, Jr.

Happy Halloween. From Max, Pippi and Mr. Dancing Pumpkin Head

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

People wear designer for many different reasons. I wear it because it's easy. Because when your boss tells you you're going to an award show whether you like it or not, you can come home, grab your Vivienne Westwood trousers off their hanger, slip on your Marni blouse, contemplate a shower (decide against it) and be out the door in five minutes. Smelling mediocre but looking like gold. With simplicity like that, it leaves plenty of room for procrastination, to which I do in abundance. Please excuse the over exposed, blurry photos. I may have mentioned something about being in a hurry.

And now, our award show recipient, Bill Cosby. Congratulations, Dr. Cosby. You are one of the most deserving comedians of my life time. The moral of this tale: children are not to be trusted. They will sell your ass down the river.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rules of the Game - Brazilian Girls

"Love to help you get to 100 pairs :-)"

No thanks, I can get there on my own.

Reason number #1,500,245 why online dating is awesome. And when I say "awesome", I mean, makes you want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Mr. Foot Fetish Man has been chasing me for weeks now. Sending me IMs and messages, begging me to let him play with my ugly, ballet broken feet in exchange for free expensive shoes. All because I was foolish enough to list my love of shoes under "interests" on a dating website. When I tried to explain this to my parent's innocent ears, they looked a bit shocked for a moment, and then both coyly smiled and said "and you considered, didn't you"?

Sho' did.

(And then I blocked him).

My dad just went to this post and announced, "Loooord don't send him this picture".

I also tried to buy these Melissa shoes today from Ideeli. I'm beginning to develop a strong dislike for these frenzy, crazy sample sale sites. Damn you, slow work computer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moi, Je Joue - Brigitte Bardot

Who doesn't love a good old fashion Goddard film to leave you puzzled and somewhat sad? I knew that was exactly what you needed on this late Sunday night. Much of the film is pretty hammy and slapsticky (which might explain why it's my favourite Goddard as of yet). But the thing I love most about Goddard characters is that while they're suppose to be adults, in many ways, they're incredibly childlike, goofy and mellow dramatic (as demonstrated above).

Oh and I love the fact that Jean-Paul Belmondo casually mentions that Breathless is playing on television in A Woman is a Woman. Veeeery clever, Goddard.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coelophysis - Douster

I cannot believe I forgot to look for the Marni S/S10 show this season. I was so wrapped up my job that it slipped by me. But as usual Marni did not disappoint. You want to look like a hot art teacher teaching a semester in Provence? This is your brand. And quite frankly the three things which I own by Marni have maintained their place as some of my best pieces in my wardrobe. Consuelo Castiglioni does not shy away from the pattern of muted tones and summery, art deco style prints but you know that saying about if it ain't broke . . . .

(All photos:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cinderella - Hooverphonic

Ouch. While I may praise our fashion fairy godfather Margiela as much the next fashion loving fiend, but I will say this post begins and ends in "ouch". When we were told the story of Cinderella as children, we never imagined how difficult and foolish it would be to attempt to run in glass heels. And while there may be no doubt that these very expensive wonders are certainly works of art (and probably not meant for long distance running), one has to wonder if there is at least one eccentric out there, willing to brave the streets in glass heels. All I can think is "and then she tripped". Ouch.

(Photo: Cool Hunting)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

111 Archer Avenue - Mark Mothersbaugh

And since we're on the subject of shoes and items which make my mother cringe, I just happen to think inside every girl is a little Margot Tennenbaum, trying hard (but not too hard) to claw her way out. Mine prefers the leopard print variety.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mine's Not A High Horse - The Shins

Guess what I got? Just for you, Andrea.

I love a package especially when it's from England. And while they were quite a bit of cash to pony up (tee hee), I KNOW I will wear them until they fall apart, as I did with my last pair of ankle boots. They're also my prize for working my tail off these last few months on the show and I always reward myself accordingly.

I love, love, love the fact that I can still buy things which make my mother recoil in horror. She did not like these one bit. No sirree. She actually shook her head in disgust as I came prancing down the stairs in them (yup, definitely my second horse joke). And we all know how Sister Wolf feels about them. But me? Me, I absolutely love them. Oh yes I do. Now if only it can stop raining so I can wear them outside of my house and take some good pictures. They look sweet with almost everything I own.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mi Tierra - Gloria Estefan

Pardon my absence. I woke up this morning and asked my Dad, what day it was. I literally couldn't remember whether I still had a show to work on. This has consumed my daily life, my evenings and even my ability to sleep. I woke up frantic one night that forty people couldn't get into the White House and it was all my fault. I'll whine to the high heavens about my job, we are all aware of this. But when I get to stand in the back of a tent on the White House lawn and watch the First family have a dance on stage with some very talented performers, suddenly, it seems like the best job in the world and I miraculously forget about the sleepness nights.

Now without further delay, back to fashion.

(Watch the show on your local PBS, it'll be on again . . . and again. . . and again).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunrays - Yesterday's New Quintet

When I know that it's going to be an incredibly long, tiring day, I find I have a habit of wearing bright yellow. Just looking at this scarf in the mirror, gives me that little energy burst I often crave so desperately.

Scarf - Marc Jacobs (bought at the accessory store, $35)
Blazer- BCBG (it's knitted like a sweater)
Tank - J. Crew
Jeans - The Gap (best skinnies I've bought in a while)
Shoes - OU (tried them on because I thought the were ugly, ended up loving them)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vision One - Royksopp

I always forget that I own red lipstick, but then I catch a glimpse of a photo like such and I feel so foolish for not wearing it every waking moment of my life.

(Photo: Jak and Jil)

Back From Space - Amon Tobin

Oh Rick Owens, everywhere I look people try to imitate you. But only you, do you so well. When I received my first Rick Owens Lilies item in the mail, I opened it up and gasped at the beautiful angular design and generous collar. Now I always look forward to whatever he puts on the runway. Some photos from S/S10 by way of Dazed.

Back From Space - Amon Tobin

I love this Amon Tobin song. It sounds like Claire De Lune and March of the Sugar Plum Fairies mixed together.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Particular - Blond Redhead

My friend emailed me this Facehunter shot, urging me to try this.
Do your friends ever predict your every move?

(Photo: Facehunter)

Sonnets/Unrealities XI - Björk

It still bothers me a trifle that Finsk's designs are not readily available in the good ole' US of A. Any boutique which carries them sells out almost immediately, leaving behind a shoe or two in odd sizes. Well, as I do like to get what I want, I've contacted them directly (thank you,Rosenrot) ) and am now deciding whether or not I should drop a bit of cash on an ankle boot which will leave Sister Wolf in stitches (no pun intended on her current disposition).

But how can you not love Finsk? Look at the beautiful things they did for Ports 1961 S/S10. I want them all.

(Photos: New York Magazine)