Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

People wear designer for many different reasons. I wear it because it's easy. Because when your boss tells you you're going to an award show whether you like it or not, you can come home, grab your Vivienne Westwood trousers off their hanger, slip on your Marni blouse, contemplate a shower (decide against it) and be out the door in five minutes. Smelling mediocre but looking like gold. With simplicity like that, it leaves plenty of room for procrastination, to which I do in abundance. Please excuse the over exposed, blurry photos. I may have mentioned something about being in a hurry.

And now, our award show recipient, Bill Cosby. Congratulations, Dr. Cosby. You are one of the most deserving comedians of my life time. The moral of this tale: children are not to be trusted. They will sell your ass down the river.

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Peas said...

Viv pants look fantastic on you, but you already know that.