Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Particular - Blond Redhead

My friend emailed me this Facehunter shot, urging me to try this.
Do your friends ever predict your every move?

(Photo: Facehunter)


Iris said...

I'm looking forward to see what you make! Not to mention I'm terribly envious that you are able to look at a garment and then just knit it. The skill!

My little brother is the best when it comes to predicting my next moves/words. We tend to speak in a weird code of funny noises, interpretive gestures and tv show quotes.

Joanne said...

Very cool! yay for knitting! That scarf is huge and awesome! Looks soo warm!

Liberty London Girl said...

so SUPER chic! Wish I cld knit. My Oxfam square at school came out more like an elongated diamond - and it was full of dropped stitches.LLGxx

Miss Media said...

Hey etoilee8,
Thanks for commenting on my blog in June (I went into hibernation for a while there)! An charity event I co-founded was starting to heat up (had it last week - a massive success!) so I had to bow out for a little while.
Love this post! Have been wishing for a really ridiculously long and chunky scarf since I saw this Infinity scarf on Etsy last year:
Now I just need to learn how to knit...something about pearls...
Miss Media x