Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mi Tierra - Gloria Estefan

Pardon my absence. I woke up this morning and asked my Dad, what day it was. I literally couldn't remember whether I still had a show to work on. This has consumed my daily life, my evenings and even my ability to sleep. I woke up frantic one night that forty people couldn't get into the White House and it was all my fault. I'll whine to the high heavens about my job, we are all aware of this. But when I get to stand in the back of a tent on the White House lawn and watch the First family have a dance on stage with some very talented performers, suddenly, it seems like the best job in the world and I miraculously forget about the sleepness nights.

Now without further delay, back to fashion.

(Watch the show on your local PBS, it'll be on again . . . and again. . . and again).

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andrea said...

I got to your blog via Sister Wolf, (who has actually become a friend that I cherish, even though we have only emailed and spoke on the phone- she called me when her son got injured- I am a nurse albeit obsessed with fashion) and I noted your post about the horses' hoof shoes. I actually am aspiring to find the perfect shoe that looks like a hoof! Can you tell me which ones they are? Also I like your blog, more accessible than some of the others- you know which ones they are. I will definitely check out yours daily! xo