Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rules of the Game - Brazilian Girls

"Love to help you get to 100 pairs :-)"

No thanks, I can get there on my own.

Reason number #1,500,245 why online dating is awesome. And when I say "awesome", I mean, makes you want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Mr. Foot Fetish Man has been chasing me for weeks now. Sending me IMs and messages, begging me to let him play with my ugly, ballet broken feet in exchange for free expensive shoes. All because I was foolish enough to list my love of shoes under "interests" on a dating website. When I tried to explain this to my parent's innocent ears, they looked a bit shocked for a moment, and then both coyly smiled and said "and you considered, didn't you"?

Sho' did.

(And then I blocked him).

My dad just went to this post and announced, "Loooord don't send him this picture".

I also tried to buy these Melissa shoes today from Ideeli. I'm beginning to develop a strong dislike for these frenzy, crazy sample sale sites. Damn you, slow work computer.


Peas said...

Lady, you have a full out shoe obsession. I like the green! That little peephole is sort of bizarre and intriguing at the same time. Did you get them?

ambika said...

Ha! I encounter this so much on flickr. I'll have to remember this when I jump back into the dating world.

SwanDiamondRose said...

is that a little breathing hole for toes? those are very cool shoes.

online dating! i used to be a fan. and defended it to my friends. then it did get weird. i met too many people with no social skills, just like me!

and flickr is definitely where the shoe freaks come out. but i'm not going to not post my favourite shoes.

i really am wanting to go all perez hilton and share some of my more negative online experiences that i mentioned over at sister wolf. ugh. i made promises though. but one day, i swear i'm going to pop!