Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sonnets/Unrealities XI - Björk

It still bothers me a trifle that Finsk's designs are not readily available in the good ole' US of A. Any boutique which carries them sells out almost immediately, leaving behind a shoe or two in odd sizes. Well, as I do like to get what I want, I've contacted them directly (thank you,Rosenrot) ) and am now deciding whether or not I should drop a bit of cash on an ankle boot which will leave Sister Wolf in stitches (no pun intended on her current disposition).

But how can you not love Finsk? Look at the beautiful things they did for Ports 1961 S/S10. I want them all.

(Photos: New York Magazine)

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vina said...

I love the second from the bottom pair. Those shoes, a seersucker candy-striped sundress and an ice cream cone. Summer.