Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunrays - Yesterday's New Quintet

When I know that it's going to be an incredibly long, tiring day, I find I have a habit of wearing bright yellow. Just looking at this scarf in the mirror, gives me that little energy burst I often crave so desperately.

Scarf - Marc Jacobs (bought at the accessory store, $35)
Blazer- BCBG (it's knitted like a sweater)
Tank - J. Crew
Jeans - The Gap (best skinnies I've bought in a while)
Shoes - OU (tried them on because I thought the were ugly, ended up loving them)


Peas said...

You look very cute in yellow, mon amie.

Liberty London Girl said...

Yellow is most DEFINITELY your colour! And I agree with the shoes, on they are very cute. LLGxx

InnyVinny said...

Ugly? Girl those are adorable!!!

Chubbs said...

i tried those shoes on at UO last week, they made my scrawny ankles look even scrawnier...eeek. Alas, they're so lovely on you!