Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Trying - Milosh

Not even all the Marni in the world can drag me out of this funk I've been in. It's the sky darkening earlier, the cool quiet after the storm (of my sisters nuptial), the roughness of my cough (acquired from too much ripping and running), and another year coming to a close. Sometimes everything builds and I get a bit glum and sad. So I went to Neiman's the other day with the best laid plans of buying Marni (eyes glistening with glee) and left empty handed. The flats were too prissy, the red pumps were too small. I'm pretty sure I saw tears in the salesman eyes as I shuffled off into the sunset.

(Photos: Marni )

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Sister Wolf said...

If ONLY those sales men at Neimans would cry!!!