Monday, December 28, 2009

Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano

So . . . did you get good loot?

I did! Glasses, Marimekko, Macbook Pros. Holyshit. I wasn't even expecting a lump of coal, so I would say I did well. And I celebrated with new in laws and and extended family, making thirteen of us total. It turned out almost okay.

Well, it didn't end in a slapping match, so I would conclude that we're in the black.

(For Cornpuddin', who knows how to bring the drama).


cornpuddin said...

ahahahahah love the video montage! I do not bring the drama at least like that. Mine is just more verbal snippets :)

alexbackwards said...

niiiiiiice. vintage brawl

Sister Wolf said...

Awww, nice hospital jammies! I have some flannel leopard print jammies that you can have when I die (or sooner, if necessary)