Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Happen - Kathryn Williams

Everyone calm down. It's just snow. And if you're smart, you'll get yourself a pair of pajamas (like this pair from J Crew which you'd have to pry off my cold frozen body today)

. . . a fat stack of books, a bottle of wine and something to knit.

Or if you're not smart, you could try to drive. But I have a feeling you are so much smarter than that!


ambika said...

Oh, no. There is no driving in the snow in Seattle. Even if I knew how, no one else does and it isn't worth the risk.

Love those jammies.

Fueling Unicorns said...

Cute pajamas! We are lucky no snow here in San Francisoc. I thought about this. We here are big babies about the weather.