Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mrs. Cold - Kings Of Convenience

I told you I would be constructive if I got snowed in, didn't I? 72 hours indoors is all you need. I kid . . . this is actually a blanket from Anthro that I'm hoping to buy for my living room once it hits around the $50 mark. Man that thing is cozy. (If it weren't utterly ridiculous you know I would try and pimp this like a scarf, you know that already . . . ). So now that I've been knitting for three days straight, I'm a bit addicted. All I want to do is curl up in a ball and do something in repetition, making straight little nearly perfect lines of warmth.

And now that I have this beautiful new Kings of Convenience album to enjoy, I'm even more enticed by the idea of never leaving my abode again. The world is a general mess of jerks right now. Lines, impatient people with cabin fever, holiday madness. I realize the album isn't really that new, but life has been so busy I'm just catching up on everything none work related. How did you all fare?

(Photo: Pitchfork and Peas)

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cornpuddin said...

I think your blanket is on sale at anthro