Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing With Yen - Milosh

Could I be you? My scarf is nearly done and I already own a fine pair of hammer pants.

Just looking at these employees from the Commes Des Garcons Black temporary store blog, made me go to eBay to try and find some H&M leftovers to layer with the things which are already in my wardrobe. You can find some dotted cardigans on eBay for $25! But the punchline of the joke is the $20 it cost to ship it from Japan. Still . . .

PS- Did you like how I refused to use the phrase "pop up shop" (regardless of how awkward my phrasing was)? One of the most overused phrases of 2009 in fashion, in my opinion.

(Photos: here)

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Amanda said...

oh didn't even know they did a blog! i used to work 2 blocks from this store and saw that girl that works there all the time. i need to stop by and see what's new!