Wednesday, December 30, 2009

While I'm Waiting - Steve Miller Band

While I'm waiting for Matthew to one day visit me, I may as well sue him for friend neglect.

Matthew James Reginald D. III the charges against you include being quite possibly one of the loveliest chaps the defendant has yet to come across and yet one of the worse long distant friends known to mankind. Should you plead guilty, the punishment is purchasing one of these lovely pixelated totes from Cristian Zuzunaga (by way of Tate Modern) for the defendant and shipping it to her new address in "the States", which of course she would provide, willingly. How do you plead?

Skint?!? You can't plead skint. Oh wait. Yes, you can.

Still, I want. And looks like if there's an outrageous shipping fee to be paid, I'm going to be paying it . . .

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