Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plants and Rags - PJ Harvey

This fashion shoot from Dazed Digital is one part Japanese teen, one part Edward Scissorhands and one part oh-my-god-I-should-dress-tattered-and-layered-more-often. I love the slicked back messy hair. It's very 90's and yet timeless at the same time. If done poorly, it could be Alec Baldwin-ish though this is done nicely in a Stella Tennant/Jaquetta Wheeler way. Katie Shillingford never disappoints this lady typing to you.

Angoisse - Serge Gainsbourg

The trousers by Hope were a Christmas present to myself and I love them despite the mild penguin resemblance I bear when I sport them. Though looking at it skeptically I also think if Albert Elbaz had a long lost black twin, it could possibly be me in this get up. And because he is too cool for words, that's a comparison I don't mind at all. I also wore them with a flowered Anthropologie necklace which my father referred to as "tres tacky". I think it adds a special feminine touch in a place that only a bow tie could fill.

(Illustration: Deer Dana)

Piano1 - Giselle

For Vina.

It's snowing again today and there's nothing to do but read, blog and find things that you know your friends would love online. The odds of me getting out of my PJs are slim. At least this time around I have plenty of food (thanks, J).

(Photo and tee: Topshop)

They Stay Down Deep (incomplete) - Giselle

Connie Lim's sketches for Alexander McQueen makes me feel as though I should always wear five inch heels and an abundance of black. Though honestly, my closet is very much at it's black thresh hold. I do enjoy the fantasy gothic aspect of her illustrations and imagine a lady of Connie Lim's would drink from a tea pot that looked like this.

I came across the teapot, from googling "black flowers". It looks very much out of place in a sea of country home kitsch.

Oh and keep your ears open for Giselle. I have my money on her star rising in 2010. Can't. Stop. Listening. Though you may have already heard her here.

(Photos: Dazed and here)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nude - Radiohead

According to Topshop, we should all be wearing nude this spring. I don't know about that, though I do want always crave a pair of Chanel ballet flats. What color will you be wearing this spring?

(Photos: here and here)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nouvelle Forme - Nebulae

Things that I want but don't need but still want because they all extremely pretty. What sort of fashion loving girl am I with no Vanessa Bruno in my wardrobe? Honestly this dress looks like the colour would suit most people and the cut, you can't go wrong. Though I am a bit worried that the fabric under the arms might make the wearer look a bit odd. Ehhh, I might just get it anyway because I can always return it if it is indeed the case.

And this next dress. Well I've been watching it carefully for weeks even. Maybe I'll buy it one day. Okay, I won't lie to you. I'm waiting patiently for a coupon code. use to give really generous coupons and now that seems to have come to a screeching halt. What happened Tobi? No more coupon love? Either way, I'm not so sure how much longer I can hold out for. I feel myself giving into the siren call of new prettiness in my wardrobe. I've been so good lately, I deserve a treat. And this is when the justifications start . . .

(Photos: Outnet and Tobi)

Fractales, Pt II

Hooray for re-issued vintage fabrics!! I have a friend who has very good luck with finding vintage fabrics in stores across America. But for those of us who aren't entirely as lucky, there's the V&A museum shop. The downside, you can't just buy however much you want as the selection is pretty limited. But . . . if you're looking to make a pretty skirt, you just might be in for a treat.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unfolding Fans - Andrew Bird

I don't need a new bag. The Anna Corinna is still fine and dandy. (It could probably use a good cleaning though). But if I were going to invest in a bag right now, it would most likely be from Clare Vivier. She's been featured in Real Simple (a favourite magazine among the females of my family), Fashionista, done a bag for Target but most important, she is nice to customers when she meets them, which I think is truly excellent. Oh yeah, and her bags are gorgeous. This buttery soft royal blue leather piece makes me sigh happily.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Is Full of Love - Bjork

Today I wore this beautiful heart necklace made by my dear friend Phoung. As I was standing in the microwave line at my office canteen one coworker complimented my necklace, while my other coworker complimented my tasty looking lunch made by my darling boyfriend. Something about the idea of people making things for me fills my heart with warmth and delight.

Everything I'm wearing is old or homemade. I like that.
Dress - made by me
Scarf - Urban Outfitters (sale rack)
Cardigan - Daryl K
Shoes - Finsk
Room - incredibly messy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Build A Home - Cinematic Orchestra

And since I'm on a I-love-my-home kick . . .

. . . if you get the chance to see the Cinematic Orchestra live, you should go. Really. It will move you to tears (as it did for me).

(Source: Lifted straight from Peas)

Mertviy Malchik - Mujuice

I could probably live in my current home forever, if I had to. I am so deeply contented there. It is warm, cozy and bright. There is such a spirit to my peaceful nest, a feeling of good friends and love. Burning candles, tasty meals, long cups of tea at the table, lots of reading (good books and stupid books) and music, lots of music. But, I haven't been so good at getting things done (ahem, blog). Part of me thinks I need an office. The other part of me swears I'm still getting settled in. Either way, I do think eventually I'm going to need a workspace. Either for sewing, blogging, invoicing etc. This article from the Guardian offers a good range of selections for those who are spacially challenged.

(Photos: from here)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Sing My Spring Reverb - Mum

Excuse me while I float off into space.

(Photo: by Niki Lynn who is barely 17 and fascinates me).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lisa - Willie Bobo

Through out the day, a series of deep thought float through my mind. Thoughts such as:

I wonder if they would make this in red if I asked?

(Photos: Death and Texas).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

You've Changed - Sia

It's much too early in the year for change. But it's never too early to rock out to a dance tune. And if I didn't spend the day sniffling (another cold), feeling sorry for myself and shuffling back and forth between my parents house and my own, I probably would have overplayed this song. Luckily, I haven't yet and there's plenty of time for that.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Jeremy Scott, which brings this post full circle back to fashion.

(And one day perhaps I'll fix my html so the video doesn't eat my lovely followers and link roll).