Saturday, January 30, 2010

Angoisse - Serge Gainsbourg

The trousers by Hope were a Christmas present to myself and I love them despite the mild penguin resemblance I bear when I sport them. Though looking at it skeptically I also think if Albert Elbaz had a long lost black twin, it could possibly be me in this get up. And because he is too cool for words, that's a comparison I don't mind at all. I also wore them with a flowered Anthropologie necklace which my father referred to as "tres tacky". I think it adds a special feminine touch in a place that only a bow tie could fill.

(Illustration: Deer Dana)


Sister Wolf said...

FANTASTIC! I'm jealous. They are great on you!

K.Line said...

Those pants could not look better on you. The taper is amazing. I love the line of them.