Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mertviy Malchik - Mujuice

I could probably live in my current home forever, if I had to. I am so deeply contented there. It is warm, cozy and bright. There is such a spirit to my peaceful nest, a feeling of good friends and love. Burning candles, tasty meals, long cups of tea at the table, lots of reading (good books and stupid books) and music, lots of music. But, I haven't been so good at getting things done (ahem, blog). Part of me thinks I need an office. The other part of me swears I'm still getting settled in. Either way, I do think eventually I'm going to need a workspace. Either for sewing, blogging, invoicing etc. This article from the Guardian offers a good range of selections for those who are spacially challenged.

(Photos: from here)

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