Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Stay Down Deep (incomplete) - Giselle

Connie Lim's sketches for Alexander McQueen makes me feel as though I should always wear five inch heels and an abundance of black. Though honestly, my closet is very much at it's black thresh hold. I do enjoy the fantasy gothic aspect of her illustrations and imagine a lady of Connie Lim's would drink from a tea pot that looked like this.

I came across the teapot, from googling "black flowers". It looks very much out of place in a sea of country home kitsch.

Oh and keep your ears open for Giselle. I have my money on her star rising in 2010. Can't. Stop. Listening. Though you may have already heard her here.

(Photos: Dazed and here)


A. said...

do you have a download link for they stay down deep? :)

etoilee8 said...

I wish I did! But I don't . . . will keep you posted if I come across one :)