Monday, February 22, 2010

Femme Fatale - Beck

"Overdressing" is a phrase foreign to my unexceptional vocabulary. That's why a Rick Owens Lilies wrap sweater with a mini skirt from J. Crew paired with Finsk boots is a perfectly acceptable get up for breakfast at IHOP. Before you make your judgments, you should know I was headed to ballet immediately after and having not been there for a month, there's no better way to feel good about your weight gain and sloppy steps by wearing altitudinous shoes.

However I couldn't help but to notice the reaction my outfit received from a group of oogling men folk around my age. But for every problem, there is a solution, my dear friends.

When I fail to wear socks with my Finsk boots, they make little unattractive farting noises, which is sure to leave the opposite sex confused and grossed out as you shimmy past their table. Bonus: turn around and say "excuse me" with a syrupy smile and they might just puke up their pancakes.

Mission accomplished.


Amanda said...

love how you paired things up here :)

Chubbs said...

i adore this post...and as you already know, i want that damn lovely jacket.

Tara said...

I love that outfit. And you're right, it's nearly impossible to be overdressed. Some people just have no class or taste whatsoever. I dress up to go to IHOP too, I don't care.

Jeluxury said...

Looove this jacket and the way you pulled your hair back with a band. It is unique. I noticed you wear black a lot...very classic color.