Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jewel - Blond Redhead

In the days of my youth, like any other American teenage girl of the 90’s, I ODed on Claire’s . Mood rings, trinkets and bracelets, adorned my body and most fell apart within five wears. After said time period of frivolous crap buying, I came to realize that I viewed necklaces as leftover scrap material which one adorns themselves in and another frivolous purchase for consumers to gorge themselves on. I hold that view on necklaces to this day, but now feel the need to purchase every pretty ribbon or felt necklace I come across. These Phillip Lim necklaces certainly fill that crafty Marni-esquish need (though the pricetag burns a hole in my eyes). Interesting DIY?

(Photos: La Garconne)

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Erika said...

These are pretty and inspirational for DIY. I have many scraps and ribbons to make things ahppen with now.