Sunday, April 25, 2010

Before Today - Everything But The Girl

While surfing eBay this weekend, I came across the most amazing deal, located in NYC. The Ligne Roset sleeper sofa I've always admired going for $50?? Unheard of! I'm not in NYC, but Cornpuddin is. So like any other modern furniture pusher, I call my sister up and proceed to push the sleeper sofa off on her, offering to buy it for her modest apartment, under the thin guise that I would have a place to sleep when I came up to visit. All she had to do was go pick it up from the current owner. Good deal, right?

"F*ck no!" - Cornpuddin' said before curtly hanging up the phone in my ear.

So like any other modern furniture addict, I shrugged my shoulders and bought the sofa for myself (final price $202). Before today, I never thought I could ever afford this sofa. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep.

(Photo: here)


K.Line said...

Good on you!!! That sofa is so gorgeous I can't stand it. Soooooo envious - but happy for you.

etoilee8 said...

K Line if you ever see something you want in NYC or on craigslist you should try and get it. will probably bring it to you for a not terrible fee. Either way, I patiently await my sofa.