Monday, April 26, 2010

Get Out Of Town - Caetano Veloso

Lately I find myself daydreaming more often than not about swimsuits and espadrilles. I haven't been on a real vacation in over five years. That is much too long. Usually I love and cherish a rainy day. Lately it does nothing for me but makes me restless. Where and when was your last vacation?

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rebecca said...

Five years?! That makes me sad. I get kinda restless and depressed if I don't get out of town every couple of months, so I find places to go, even if it's with a tent and a sleeping bag :).

My last was a couple of weeks ago-- I went to Maui with my family... of course my parents paid for that trip because that's a liittle out of my price range right now!

prettyneons said...

I'd love to go to san fran, I've never even left england yet,which sucks-a lot
I know how your feeling LOLZ!
peace & bows
prettyneons x

Athletiart said...

Love your blog!

Did you come by and look at my vintage leotard/swimsuit blog yet?

Love top hear your thoughts


Chubbs said...

I absolutely adore Caetano Veloso!