Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fountains of Spring - Prefuse 73

With every new season, I get hooked on a single lookbook and decide to try and mimic a good portion of the looks. There's always a fantastic selection from the La Garconne lookbooks/magazines. Here, I've picked out a few of my favourites. The only slight issue, the looks with the thigh high socks . . . would never fly in my work environment. Though television is fairly casual, if I waltzed into my office, wearing these, eyeballs would fall to the floor. So, the thigh high socks would have to wait for after office hours.

My most favourite look out of all of these? The boxy Rachel Comey top with the extremely tailored trousers. I love this look and will be probably repeating it myself, with pieces from my own wardrobe.

(All photos: La Garconne)


rebecca said...

I was just re-looking at this lookbook today. My fave is the long black skirt. I have it posted on my desktop. Wish it wasn't a gazillion dollars because I'd lick it from top to bottom and then not take it off for a month. Once it was dry.

What about thigh-high socks over opaque tights?

I love the thigh high look too... though I'm so curvy it doesn't look *quite* the same on me as on these models with the concave thighs.

etoilee8 said...

I think the only time I could ever do thigh high socks over tights would be in the dead of winter. Any other time and I'd melt. I am quite the sweaty betty. Plus, I'm curvy too. I think this look is probably a far away dream . . .

Isn't it nice when you feel too old for certain trends? I think it is!