Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Gold - Metric

Bit of a dilemma.
I am now the owner of these lovely shoes as seen above. They feel free at the moment because my Neiman's bill has yet to arrive in the mail to taunt me over how silly and impulsive I am.

I love these shoes. I daydream about prancing into all the best parties while people admire the darlings that adorn my feet. Because I go to so many fabulous parties. In DC. Yeah, I'm lying.

But still, I want them and I would wear them to work because I am just that tacky.

On the flipside, they're not terribly comfortable (even though I close my eyes and wish they magically would be). And they also strike me as the type of shoe, silly rich ladies buy, wear once and hang on their shelves like art work. I am a girl who truly wears her shoes. Especially if they cost $xxx. Anything over $100 should be worn as often as possible. Get your money's worth.

So now I'm stuck on the fence. Fiscally responsible or blissfully (blisterly) happy?

A little help please?

(Photo: From here )

Lillie - Milt Jackson

The milkmaid braids in some parts of the world remain a symbol of goodness, purity, rosy cheeks and all that garbage. In my little part of the world, I walk into the room and my Mum chirps, "Nice slave braids".

The woman has a PhD in keeping it real.

Dress- Target
Shoes - Chanel

(High low at it's finest).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Her Voice is Beyond Her Years - Mew

I can't wait.
Every film by Sofia Coppola is like a rare and delicious treat that you want to eat at a snails pace and savour in your heart. When I went to see Lost in Translation, I thought my heart would never repair itself from the ending. It was an indescribable feeling of wanting more and yet having just enough.

What are some of your favorite films and directors?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mica - Mew

I tend to get really crazed about certain brands for a year or two. And even though I move on to other brands, there's a special place in my heart for every last one of them. Sort of like the ending of a great relationship where you gradually fall out of love (though I've never had one of those said relationships, only with clothes).

For a while it was Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, then it was A.P.C., if I could afford more than one piece from Rick Owens than "yes" to him too. Best Behavior, how did I go crazy for your lovely drapy cardigans and hip little dresses. After having laid eyes on the fall look book for Bodkin, I have a strange feeling they could quickly become one of my favorites. I especially like the intricate knotted sweater. Could we be in love, Bodkin?

(Photos: Bodkin)

The World Is Yours - Nas

I love these images Ryan McGinley shot of M.I.A. She seems fun-loving and free spirited. I'd love to know where that swing is. It looks unsafe, lovely and terrifying. Life is starting to become mundane again. Which means it's time for me to do something which I'm afraid of.

Who's world is this? It's mine, it's mine . . .

(Photos: Ryan McGinley )

These Days - Nico

Brunch with Mum and Dad. Treasure your time with your parents. If they're normal, good and sane you are one of the lucky ones. Always know that.

Dress: homemade but a clear and obvious APC knock off (even in it's wrinkled state). Please forgive me APC, your dress is lovely but I can't but it anywhere now.
Shoes: Minnetonkas (I would buy five more pairs of these)

To Here Knows When - My Bloody Valentine

Do you ever wonder where the trends we subscribe to originate from? Do you wonder where that push in our mind that says "maybe you should try this?" gets it's gusto and gall? Through blogging and reading blogs I've definitely tried out an array of different looks prompted by that which is worn by my peers. In this case, right now, I really want a spiky headband. At $60 it's far from cheap and with my record for clumsiness it would be clever of me not to have anything with spikes near my head or face. And yet I can't resist. Why is that?

It's available from Topshop here. And it definitely looks like a medieval torture device in the above photo.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Mess of Cedar - The Juniper Meadows

The Droog chest of drawers I love. The false sense of disarray is pretty clever. It would also be a nifty way of making sure your valuables would be safe should your house be burgled. I mean who in their right mind would have time to go through all of this in the dark?

But I don't think my roommate would get it. As a matter of fact, I think it might leave her scratching her head. And then . . . she would take it as a cue to slack off on the cleanliness. So maybe we should keep things orderly for a bit, eh?

(Photo: Droog)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad Trails - Battles

Someone done pissed me off good today.

I couldn't help but to think of that video. The women of Dynasty went about their business speaking in their own special code . . . but they got their messages across. These prints made me chuckle and talked me out of my anger (or rather "rage" as it seems to be the popular phrase as of late). Worked like a charm.

Illustrations by Karin Bubas

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Friends Are Gone - Circa Survive

The most commonly overused phrase for people my age who consume way too many alcoholic beverages in a week, is "but the bartender always hooks me up". I roll my eyes with delight at this pathetic excuse. When a bartender "hooks" you up, don't you always end up paying the bartender an inflated tip as a way of saying "thank you for the hook up"? Does this system make any sense at all? Nope, you just want to get drunk.

My idea of a hook up is the Jo Malone counter at Neimans. I spend $55 on a bottle of White Jasmin and Mint Cologne which I consider well worth the cost, as her perfumes never give me headaches or make me feel ill by the end of the day. And from that one bottle, the sales assistant loads me down with enough samples to equal another bottle of perfume! Who wins, this argument of which "hook up" is more valuable?

I do!

Because you've got a hangover and I smell like a rose.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sordid - Amon Tobin

Don't mind me sweating like a pig. I hate sports. My friend's most convincing argument was the email he sent a group of us encouraging us to join in the festivities. It went something to the tune of this:

"so stoked! god, i love world cup time. for the next month we get to drop everything and pretend like we're integrated with the rest of the planet. but the best is that now i can get in all my non-soccer-loving friends' faces and just act like a total bitch for a month. it's awesome. it's like america becomes part of the rest of the world again for a few weeks instead of being the black sheep."

Well put.
I'm in.

I wore my APC dress and my Rachel Comey Contributor shoes for the occasion. I like to call my shoes "the plumber shoes". They may wear a belt but you're still going to see a little crack.

Le Voyage de Penelop - Air

Beautiful new romantic jewelry that makes us swoon and oogle by LAS. They aren't terribly cheap pieces but I could justify them. They're practically works of art in the area of mixed medium. And you know you'd wear it forever. Or pass it down to someone else who would think it was their luckiest day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen

This is what I wore to the concert last Sunday. Homemade dress. Notice I was very careful to wear flats as I suspected the show would turn from mellow guitar music to an all out dance party. And dance I did. To the bespectacled music man with the guitar: thanks for jumping off stage and coming over to dance with me. It was my Bruce Springsteen/Courtney Cox moment and it made this old shrew blush like a tart in church.

I dance a bit like a spastic doing the hustle. Awkwardly but full of heart.
Luckily, you do too!

We were a good match for that brief moment in time.

Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead

I've put myself on a temporary spending freeze for houseware goods because I went a bit wild buying a sofa and coffee table all in the same week. But I would love to go back on my word as my Eames Hang All is now on sale at the Moma Store. Those colorful balls get me every time. And as I was typing that, I went back and tried to replace the term with "colorful knobs". They both sound pretty questionable so we'll stick with balls, shall we? Three cheers for 6th grade humor!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Uma - Arto Lindsay

The perfect outfit for a day of doing something which is of utmost importance.
And that would be, the fine art of doing nothing, of course. Also the perfect outfit for forcing my mother to cringe over the variety of patterns taking place before her very eyes.

Something for everyone, folks. That's how I roll.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Long and Winding Road - Paul McCartney

While I'm generally nonchalant about everything and too tired to care by show night, I did come into the room and join in for a round of "nah, nah, nah, nah-nun-nah nah"s. Another show in the can. Sir Paul passed myself and my company vice president as he was exiting and said "thank you" to us.

As always, I'll miss my friends at the White House and hope they'll invite us back to do more.