Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead

I've put myself on a temporary spending freeze for houseware goods because I went a bit wild buying a sofa and coffee table all in the same week. But I would love to go back on my word as my Eames Hang All is now on sale at the Moma Store. Those colorful balls get me every time. And as I was typing that, I went back and tried to replace the term with "colorful knobs". They both sound pretty questionable so we'll stick with balls, shall we? Three cheers for 6th grade humor!


Peas said...

This reminds me of childhood and Swedish day care centers. I like.

etoilee8 said...

Yeah, me too. Wouldn't this brighten up the front hallway immensely?

Brickhouse said...

I had to make time to stop in when I saw the Radiohead title. :)
But I really really need that Hang All. It would be perfect just inside my front door and maybe it could help to keep the living room from being a disaster, lol.