Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Friends Are Gone - Circa Survive

The most commonly overused phrase for people my age who consume way too many alcoholic beverages in a week, is "but the bartender always hooks me up". I roll my eyes with delight at this pathetic excuse. When a bartender "hooks" you up, don't you always end up paying the bartender an inflated tip as a way of saying "thank you for the hook up"? Does this system make any sense at all? Nope, you just want to get drunk.

My idea of a hook up is the Jo Malone counter at Neimans. I spend $55 on a bottle of White Jasmin and Mint Cologne which I consider well worth the cost, as her perfumes never give me headaches or make me feel ill by the end of the day. And from that one bottle, the sales assistant loads me down with enough samples to equal another bottle of perfume! Who wins, this argument of which "hook up" is more valuable?

I do!

Because you've got a hangover and I smell like a rose.


amandalee said...

Hahahaha, awesome. That's quite a haul of samples. :-D

K.Line said...

Honestly, how do you swing this?! Are you flashing that SA a bit of fancy bra lace? :-) Never have I manage that kind of sample haul from Jo Malone. Well done!

dee said...

Haha! You DO win the hookup contest.

etoilee8 said...

I did so well Amanda Lee. And yes Dee, don't you like how I totally turned it into a contest even though no one claimed it was? It's my special talent. I like declaring myself the winner when no one declared it a race to begin with.

K. Line, go in looking earnest. Explain that you've had to tighten your purse strings but you couldn't live without this (adjective) scent. Smile big. Smell everything and say "oh there's so much good stuff here". That should set you up with a good base to collect as many freebies as possible. Next lesson: how to get an airline upgrade.

dee said...

I'm totally going to stay tuned for the airline upgrade how-to! Also, jasmine + mint sounds like heaven.

ambika said...

I think every perfume I own is some variation on jasmine. But with mint? That sounds like heaven--not to mention the hook up.