Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Gold - Metric

Bit of a dilemma.
I am now the owner of these lovely shoes as seen above. They feel free at the moment because my Neiman's bill has yet to arrive in the mail to taunt me over how silly and impulsive I am.

I love these shoes. I daydream about prancing into all the best parties while people admire the darlings that adorn my feet. Because I go to so many fabulous parties. In DC. Yeah, I'm lying.

But still, I want them and I would wear them to work because I am just that tacky.

On the flipside, they're not terribly comfortable (even though I close my eyes and wish they magically would be). And they also strike me as the type of shoe, silly rich ladies buy, wear once and hang on their shelves like art work. I am a girl who truly wears her shoes. Especially if they cost $xxx. Anything over $100 should be worn as often as possible. Get your money's worth.

So now I'm stuck on the fence. Fiscally responsible or blissfully (blisterly) happy?

A little help please?

(Photo: From here )


rebecca said...

Just how uncomfortable are they?

-I have a pair of Manolos (my only pair of Manolos, and quite honestly, I think the most expensive pair of shoes (not counting the Fiorentini and Bakers that I wear almost every day) that I've ever owned) that are so bloody uncomfortable that I take them off after ten minutes at whatever party I'm at. Yes, I'm the barefoot girl at the black tie party. I regret wasting that money. I could have bought some comfy expensive shoes that I loved that I'd wear the shit out of.

So if you'll wear them, and you love them, then it's totally worth eating toast for a month. If you won't wear them, then you've just eaten toast for a month in exchange for a nice sculpture that loses value every day and can't even go on a shelf really because it would look funny.

That's my two cents :)


cornpuddin said...

Get rid of them! Your comfort is the most important thing here (plus I know how much your shoe collection costs and you certainly don't need another pair of shoes)!

InnyVinny said...

It's both. They will possible get more comfortable with wear depending on what the issue is...and if you truly wear them, it won't be so bad in hindsight.

K.Line said...

I'm in the "if you can't wear them for a reasonable walk without wanting to hurl them into the road, then return" camp. Although they are very hot shoes.


I know it's not the most responsible thing to do, but I'd keep them!
Just sip on another champagne at the parties you'll be swanning into and you won't be able to feel a thing!

Angie said...

I like them...and besides, a wise mom (not mine) once told me 'pain is beauty'. Ive found that to be true

etoilee8 said...

I kept them guys. Plus, Henry Holland told me I could. Well . . . it's kinda a long story . . .