Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Corsair - Boards of Canada

The word "genius" is thrown around way too often in the fashion blog world. Everything's genius. Everything's rad. Everything is soooooo beautiful. But Alexander Wang really is genius and I can vouch. Why???

Because his stuff is really difficult to mimic! This is version two my homemade version of the Alexander Wang goddess dress (which I love and admire). It looks remarkably different from the real deal. Not so tight, svelte and unforgiving. This ones got room to hide your paunch (which means it probably worked out better for me than the real deal). I got plenty of compliments at work today (including from my company's CEO), but this was not an easy feat. If you have the money to buy the real thing, I would suggest doing so, otherwise you'll lose your mind with all the draping.


InnyVinny said...

It looks good to me. And I'll take flattering over genius everyday. The goddess dress was beautiful, but definitely not something i could wear outside.

*thumbs up*

joy said...

is that a simosa? Yum!

fashion herald said...

Yes, that dress is totally genius on you!

etoilee8 said...

Thank you Inny Alicia, it's nice to be able to exhale. When I tried on the goddess dress it was my understanding that action wasn't going to be taking place.

It's actually Sangria Joy! My friend Peas made it! Sangria's so easy and tasty but yet it looks so elegant and complicated.

etoilee8 said...

Thank you Fashion Herald!!