Monday, July 5, 2010

Hurry On Now - Alice Russell

Living very close to your parents has it's definite perks.
I can roll out of bed, throw on a dress and be at their door step for breakfast, faster than my Mum can bang on a pan and shout "Sooey!"

Don't hate. You would too, if you could.

Dress - H&M (I love these cheap t-shirt dresses)
Shoes - Target
Hat - Uniqlo
Necklace - Subversive for Target


Sister Wolf said...

You look adorable.

etoilee8 said...

I know it is tough right now for you. There is not a stitch of doubt in my body that you'll pull through. Missing you! xo.

Anonymous said...

Umm... can you awesome photographer get some recognition up in here?

E R I N said...

this is a WINNER!!! love it to bits x

etoilee8 said...

Easiest look ever Erin. (Laziest one too). Awesome photographer is my younger sister, I think.