Monday, July 26, 2010

Storm - Bjork

Do you ever have days where your clothes just have it coming? That was yesterday. It all started going downhill when a group of us decided to outrun a storm in the parking lot, on the way to the movies. It didn't work out so well.

"Has anyone got a tissue"?

Not the day to skip the bra, I might add.

Upon returning home and changing clothes, I decided to make a nice cup of noodles to warm up the bones. The noodles ended up on my favorite Marc Jacob trousers. And my new sandals, bought yesterday? The downpour didn't do them any favors.

Later I managed to get ice cream and powdered sugar on a comfy old C&C California tee.

(Darn you mochi ice cream for being so tasty yet so messy).

All I can do is go to bed and hope that tomorrow is a better day. Otherwise I'm going to need an entirely new wardrobe. Because when it rains . . .

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Miss Janey said...

Miss J's havin' the same kinda day across the pond...